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A pool is only as good as the Equipment that keeps it running; this is why South Florida Pumps provides implacable service in new projects, repair and maintenance of your water pool pump & motor in Miami.

We Install, Repair & Maintain your Pool Water pump & Motor at is best.

Your Pool pump motor runs every day – 365 days a year. It’s no wonder that, over time, your pool motor grinds, squeaks, leaks or just plain does not start anymore, whether is your pump or motor we are here to help.

In-House Repairs

In-House Repair: Every aspect of the job, from reconditioning and Re-building perform and done in our service center in Miami by our pool pump and motor expert technicians with hundreds of repair perform yearly, contact us for a free consultation

At Home Repairs -Service Calls
At Home Repairs-Service Calls: We offer home repairs by contacting us, South Florida Pumps will send you our highly skilled team member for and equipment repair and inspection done, on-site


South Florida Pumps provides new installation, so we make sure you have the right equipment in place for a full performance at the lowest cost, our Staff can help you decide which style of pumps has the benefits and features you need, and our service tech can properly install and set up your new pool pump to get the full benefit of a factory warranty.

We offer Same day or Next Day Service.

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